Workflow Process

From auditing to reporting, here is how my entire work process will work.


Website / Brand Audit

Creating a full seo audit (or website / brand audit) is key in understand what is missing in terms of Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, what can be improved, and what needs to be added. This audit process lays the foundation of a succesful SEO strategy, it’s a necessary starting point in our relationship. Learn more about my full SEO audit services (or get an initial *free SEO audit).

Planning / Researching

After an extensive Search Engine Optimisation audit, it’s now time to build a tangible plan of action for your future SEO campaigns. This plan will contain key elements that need to be implemented to achive better rankings in SERP. Research is also a major part of an SEO campaign set up. Keyword, competition, market research are important aspects when building an SEO strategy.

Implementation / Testing

Now comes the most crucial part of the entire workflow. The implementation and testing part. After identifiying On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO elements that can be improved upon or even added from scratch, it’s time to actually installing and testing them on your site! This process will be orchestrated with care as it can be a risky business if done improperly.

Reporting / Maintenance

The last stage of a succesful SEO campaign should be the reporting and maintenance part. Reporting (and monitoring) refers to watching your newly implemented SEO elements grow and perform. These can be new pages, goals, keyword tracking, domain and page authorities. Maintenence is something useful when building seo campaigns for adjusting seo and website elements.

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