On-page Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation is the most vital aspect of SEO. Having your pages optimised will boost your rankings.

What is On-Page SEO?

My definition of On-Page SEO

On-Page Optimisation is making sure your web-pages are following all on-page ranking factors so that search engines can find and prioritise them.

In other words, On-Page SEO is the actual content on your web-pages. ‘Content’ is a vast word. It may refer to a number of website elements such as images (pictures, banners, logos, icons, and other designs), copy (the actual text paragraphs), headings (page titles and sub-titles (H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, and H6), internal links, meta tags (meta titles and meta descriptions), and much more!

Having a clear and genuine On-Page Optimisation strategy is key in ranking organically in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

On-Page SEO Consultancy

Here is where I come in to assist with your On-Page campaign. I have a decade of experience in Search Engine Optimisation, including On-Page SEO and content structuring. I can help your website by implementing advanced and tested On-Page SEO techniques and strategies.

Whether if it’s for a website’s homepage, service pages, contact, about, e-commerce product pages, or even blog posts (article optimisation), I will make sure that search engines will notice your site. It’s time to stop missing out on potential leads and organic traffic!

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Off-Page SEO Consultancy

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Freelance On-Page SEO services

Content writing

I like to write now and then, but I don’t consider myself a copywriter. I, however, collaborate with a number of talented content writers. Together with my collaborators, we can help you develop quality and original copy for your on-page optimisation efforts.

Keyword Research

Using relevant keywords and long-tail keywords in your copy, internal links, backlinks anchors, headings, and more, is crucial for your clients to find your website. I specialise in Keyword Research, Keyword Targeting using tools like Google Ads, Ahrefs, and more.

Image Optimisation

Sometimes webmasters don’t pay much attention to optimising their images (photos, designs). If optimised correctly, images can help you rank in Google Images SERP and bring you relevant traffic. I use a number of techniques and strategies to achieve this.

Internal Linking

Internal links can work like backlinks, as in, they can boost page authority if used properly throughout your website (placements, anchor texts, density). A good internal linking structure will help your website transfer page authority to your most important web pages.

Blog Optimisation

A lot of bloggers write insightful articles but forget to optimise their content for search engines. Unfortunately, this is a common thing that leads to lesser traffic and rankings. Optimising your blog posts with specific techniques can give you a boost without additional efforts.

Meta Tags

There are certain limits and designs for your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. Having a keyword targeted meta-strategy, using specific text lengths, and other elements will give you the chance of increasing the CTR in the Search Engine Result Pages for your web pages.

Heading Optimisation

Are your web pages using keyword researched and targeted keywords? Do you have a clear and consistent heading structure throughout your website? I specialise in researching, writing and implementing logical heading structures (H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, H4’s, H5’s, H6’s).

Sourcing Examples

At times it’s not enough to write original content, use targeted keywords, and other on-page SEO factors. For every website out there, there are external (and internal) reputable sources that need to be referenced in order to boost page and domain authority.

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