SEO Project Management

Sometimes you need good Project Management for your SEO campaigns to meet their targets and extra goals.

What is SEO Project Management?

My definition of SEO Project Management

If you’re running a big website, chances are you are in need of an entire SEO team to get things going. This is where SEO Project Management comes in.

Managing freelancers can be a tricky thing. You’ve got to know how long a task should last, how it should be developed, and finally, how to be delivered. Communication, brainstorming, and exchanging ideas are key elements when working with an SEO team. You can’t have multiple SEO’s working at the same time without a good senior team lead to keep everything together, meet deadlines, meet quality and also quantity.

Good SEO Project Management can save you the time and budget for your Search Engine Optimisation campaigns (but also website re-design, launch, and more).

Project Management Consultancy for SEO

I have prior experience in managing small to medium teams including SEO Specialists, Copywriters, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Translators, and other freelancers. If you’re looking for someone to take the helm of a large SEO ship, I can help you develop SEO strategies, guide other SEO Freelancers and meet deadlines.

Say you’re in need of a proper website launch but don’t have the time or experience to manage multiple teams, members, freelancers. Launching a website can get pretty complicated from drafting content pages, to research, to making sure the technical side is set properly. Let me help you with your Search Engine Optimisation project.

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Freelance Project Management Services

Campaign Planning

I can help paint out a full, detailed SEO campaign road for your team to follow together with examples, do’s and don’ts. I can also assign various SEO and web design tasks to relevant team members for your SEO projects. Campaign planning has never been easier.

Budget Management

Budget management is the ‘elephant in the room‘. You’ve got to carefully split your budget between team members. Working in the freelance industry for so long, I know the sweet spot per hour prices for every type of freelance specialist in the web design spectrum.

Setting Goals

Whenever you do an SEO project, you’ve got to first visualise what your end goal is. I can provide you with answers to your SEO needs. Setting clear Search Engine Optimisation goals from the beginning will make everything easier and more efficient for everybody.

Team Reporting

An equally important part of SEO Project Management is team reporting. Having a weekly, monthly, yearly reporting system is key to understanding where your budget and efforts went. Keeping track of everyone’s work will also help you avoid mistakes in the future.

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