WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. Is your WP based website SEO ready?

What is WordPress SEO?

My definition WordPress SEO

WordPress is somewhat an ‘out of the box’ CMS. Still, there are some technical bits and pieces that need to be optimised for your site to run properly.

Optimising your WordPress based website for search engines can get pretty challenging at times. There are certain WordPress SEO plugins that can make a big difference technically and visually. Technical SEO plugins for sitemaps, cache systems (site speed improvements), can make life easier for you and your business. WordPress websites can run faster and feel smoother if optimised properly for search engines!

Sometimes WordPress has a mind of its own. It can generate and index unwanted pages, create unfriendly URLs, generate unwanted category and tags pages.

WordPress SEO Consultacy

I am experienced in creating, and most importantly, optimising WordPress based websites for the search engine algorithms. Just as an example, this website is ‘proudly powered by WordPress‘. I’m used to getting my hands dirty and install, optimise, and configure various technical SEO plugins for WordPress.

Apart from the technical side, I also provide content structuring for WordPress websites. My goal is making sure your site is responsive (mobile friendly), and your pages look good on all devices. WordPress Design optimisation includes images, paragraph structuring, content writing, icon design, plus many more visual elements.

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Plug-in Optimisation

Your WordPress based website might use unnecessary plug-ins or plug-in settings! It’s crucial to get rid of unwanted information and install only relevant and helpful plug-ins so that your website will run faster and feel smoother. Clutter is always a bad thing.

WordPress Migration

Maybe you’ve decided to move your WordPress site to another domain. This requires a number of technical adjustments and planning beforehand so that your page authority, domain authority, and URL structures are redirected and preserved properly.

WordPress SSL

I see this issue all the time. High Domain Authority WordPress based websites not being secured are wasted potential. Google stated back in 2017 that SSL certificates are now a ranking factor, meaning that HTTPS sites are favoured in search engine result pages.

WordPress Site Speed

If you don’t have a proper cache system in place with the right settings, your WordPress website will surely be slow and unpleasant to navigate. Image compression and optimisation is also something to consider when looking to improve your WordPress site speed.

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